What Is GPQ? GPQ Meaning Learn In Garments Sector Update [2021]

What is GPQ? job description in the garments sector: GPQ meaning or stand for “Guideline for Production and Quality”. Every garment industry or apparel textile industry follows their nominated GPQ for quality production.

This article discusses the garments industry GPQ meaning, GPQ abbreviation, the full meaning of GPQ in garments, GPQ job description, GPQ responsibility, and GPQ procedure in the apparel garments industry or textile industry. In this article, we also share about the quality of the garments full meaning for learning garments related people find this on easily.

Garments quality full meaning

Garments quality full Stand for Quest Unity Active Leadership Intelligent truthful and Youthful. That’s the means below.

  • G= Quest
  • U= Unity
  • A= Active
  • L= Leadership
  • I= Intelligent
  • T= Truthful
  • Y= Youthful

GPQ Meaning GPQ Job Description and responsibilities

What is GPQ in the garment industry?

Every buyer their first requirement or want to a good quality product from in the apparel industry or apparel garment industry. Evey apparel garments industry buyer quality requirement follow up and implement which are followed up by GPQ. Usually, GPQ is the helping hand of the buyer-nominated QC. GPQ ensures the best quality product or goods which is a buyer requirement.

gpq meaning
GPQ meaning – gpq job description and responsibilities

GPQ meaning – GPQ job description in the garments sector

Every buyer explained their quality manual as a part of the GPQ in the apparel textile industry or garments sectors. Many garments people use as GPQ meaning for Garment Process Quality. GPQ is the most essential part of the apparel textile or apparel garments industry.

GPQ meaning and job description in the garments sector

If you are an employee in the garments sector as a GPQ. You must know GPQ meaning, job description, duties, and responsibilities as a GPQ job in the apparel textile industry or apparel garments sector.

If you are want to job in the apparel garment sector or the apparel textile industry as a GPQ. In this article, I hope very helpful post for you. GPQ Job Duties and Responsibilities Arranging a meeting with the buyer QC and giving the necessary tasks for the PP meeting.

  • Follow up quality requirements in Cutting, Sewing, and finishing in the factory.
  • To follow up as per buyer’s quality sample. To ensure sample quality and timely delivery to the buyer.
  • Check all the quality points especially in Garments Sewing to Finish.
  • To ensure Section Wise Quality Inspection.
  • The last message of the buyer regarding quality control is reported in the related section.
  • To ensure product quality before final inspection.
  • Arrange & approved the file before the inspection.
  • Ensure everything is in the QC file.
  • Ensure Sample Approval from Buying House.
  • Communicate Buyer QC with quality issues.
  • Implement to buyer quality control manual in the garment factory (all Sections).
  • Work as a representative of Buyer QC in a Garment Factory.


GPQ Job Role in Garments Industry

  1. Conduct in-line inspection and assist the buyer representative in the Final inspection in the Factory.
  2. Handle and execute all PP Meeting and Pilot Run meeting
  3. Implement and follow up customer requirement in every section
  4. In-line inspection of every lot of sewing and finishing section.
  5. Check and ensure pattern size and confirm it for the bulk production according to buyer instruction.
  6. Communicate with the fabric department regarding the fabric quality and assist the fabric QA to ensure online quality control of the fabric.   
  7. Approve the fabric and all accessories for the final bulk production.
  8. Rectify the sewing defect and ensure the accurate shape and design of the product as per the client’s requirement.
  9. Checking out all the accessories in-house for bulk production.
  10. Check the fitting of the garment as per the buyer measurement chart.
  11. Checking and matching the accessories such as sewing threads, buttons, care labels, size labels, main labels, photo board polybags, etc. comparing with a trim card as per customer requirements.
  12. Maintain all work and report of buying house QC, work on behalf of buying house QC.
  13. Arrange PP meeting before bulk production running, pilot run meeting, sewing inline, finishing inline, final inspection as substitute or assistance of buyer QC.
  14. GPQ check garments product using all quality criteria, fill up all QC inspection checklist.
  15. GPQ bears special authority about any quality issue by buyer QC, in absence of buyer QC. So a GPQ is a good decision-maker in any quality parameters of the garments industry.

The works list that GPQ do directly in their daily routine maintain

  1. PP meeting
  2. Pilot Run Meeting
  3. Measurement check of PP and Pilot run, involve in the pattern correction process.
  4. Sewing Inline Inspection
  5. Finishing Inline Inspection
  6. Pre-final Inspection
  7. Final Inspection
  8. Sample inspection
  9. IQC section followup
  10. Cutting secction follow up

GPQ job in Garments industry

Fresh resume/ CV not accepting in GPQ job, must be experienced in the quality control field, experience in sewing quality control is preferable but finishing QC also can join in GPQ team. In the Bangladesh garments sector, from GPQ auditor to GPQ manager job designation is available for work. A career as GPQ personnel is not bad for any who is involved with the garments QC team.

What does GPQ have full mean?

GPQ stands for “Guideline for Production and Quality” as explained in all buyer Quality Manual. But this term is also commonly known as Garment Process Quality.

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