The Fortnite Tactical Overshield can use a slight overhaul

The Tactical Overshield feature has been a life-saver since being implemented in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. This ensures that players have a fighting chance of v bucks generator shrugging off bullets at the start of the game without taking too much damage.

Currently, the feature is a hit and many Loopers hope it’ll stay well beyond the ‘War Season’ in the game. However, there are a few underlying issues that cannot be ignored.

While this feature is useful to newbies and professional players alike, Epic Games can do a few things to improve it. These minor ‘fixes’ will make the Tactical Overshield experience a lot better for the majority.

The Fortnite Tactical Overshield can use a slight overhaul

As mentioned, Tactical Overshield is pretty amazing. It protects players from about 50 damage and gives them a chance to escape unscathed. However, when it comes to v bucks generator distinguishing between a player’s Overshield and a normal shield, things tend to get confusing.

According to the community, it’s hard to tell if a player’s Overshield has been broken or not. While a subtle sound is present as an indication, it seems that most players cannot hear it unless they use headphones. This is rather concerning as not everyone uses headphones to play.

In the heat of battle, knowing if the opponent’s Overshield is broken or not is of vital importance. Depending v bucks generator on this factor, the player may either rush them or choose to maintain some distance. Without sound indications, gameplay strategies will be hampered. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be a major issue to fix.

Given Epic Games’ commitment to making the game more accessible, there’s one more way to approach this problem. Aside from fixing the sound, the developers can also slightly change the color of the damage indicator.

This would allow players to distinguish between Overshield and normal shields easily, even without an audio reference. Furthermore, even if the sound cue is missed in the heat of battle, the color reference would still allow players to keep track of things.

Will the Tactical Overshield remain a permanent fixture in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Without the ability to build for cover or short-term protection, the Overshield has become the best early-game defense for everyone in the Zero-Build mode. While Cow Catchers are a good addition to the mix, finding them soon after landing is not always a possibility.

Given these facts, it goes without saying that the Tactical Overshield is likely to stay in the Zero-Build mode forever. Perhaps the developers will even build upon this feature by v bucks generator adding mods to future versions of the game, which would allow Overshields to be upgraded.

As long as the Zero-Build mode stays, the possibility for different armor mods as well as other shield mods grows stronger. With a crafting system already in existence, adding a few radical crafting recipes for protection mods is not too outlandish to imagine.