One Piece Luffy Learns About God Valley -Chapter 1047

One Piece Luffy Learns About God Valley -Chapter 1047: Now the Onepiece manga is officially on break and I know a lot of fans are like thinking why is each one taking a lot of breaks. But at the end of the day, he needs to rest up. Guys. He’s been doing the series 1997 guys. So as long as he’s resting, I’m very happy.

But I do want to say this. The last plotline we left off was two things in the One Piece manga ongashima yes Onogashima was about to fall on Wano and we saw Kaido, the strongest creature alive, smiling at a lightning holding monkey, D Luffy with the esque of Joy Boy. And this brought me to think two things will be happening in the next chapter. Honestly, it’s all tying into three characters the final main characters in the chapter, Luffy title, and Moon Oscar. Before we continue, make sure you guys don’t forget to hit that Bell.

One Piece Chapter 1047

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Another thing I want to say is the recent breaking news of One Piece film read. We always knew it was about Shanks. It was going to be hype. Anything about Shanks in One Piece is hype. But finding out that Shanks has a daughter in the movie, there’s definitely more to that.

God Valley Incident Chapter

People are asking if it’s Canon. If it’s not Canon, I’m not too sure yet, but I definitely feel like the whole fact of Makino and her child on that cover story and Shanks. There’s so much to the story when it comes to red hair Shanks, and I can’t wait to see it. Regardless, Shanks, I believe, does have a son in Luffy’s hometown. That Luffy is going to return the straw hat too.

I’ve always felt like that’s my most viewed video on my channel, of course, has multiple million views is the Prima Louie giving his straw hat to Shank’s son. But like I said, Shanks has a daughter’s movie. It’s intriguing. I’m so excited to see what’s going to go down. It’s going to be a lot of hype characters, so that’s my thoughts.

But back to the main topic of this of course video. The first thing I got to say is this momentous cake. I know it’s funny because a lot of people have different thoughts on mountain sky. At first, he was an annoying kid in Punk Hazard and Tres Rosa and all the things he was doing then at Zoe, we’re kind of rooting for him to be the guy like a woman. We hope he becomes a guy.

God Valley Incident Theory

After Zoe and Lucie say stop crying, you’re now the son of Odin. He actually became the leader and this alliance was one of the leaders of this alliance. So Luffy saying Yo, we got the spiccato. And now in Wano, he’s been going through so many different transformations. In a sense.

We see him training with Zoro. We see him of course evolving with that Delvey of becoming adult age, his actual age. He’s supposed to be in that crazy mythical zone. The fact that we haven’t seen him in his human form since, of course, he’s been transformed. I think there’s so much more to for Monoski.

The fact that he’s using Kyle’s powers to stop ongoing. The same reason why Ongo Shima is following the same reason why can be stopped is Kyle’s powers. There’s so much to that Romanoski story. So I definitely feel like that’s why the first thing is for Momoski to think about it. He has to be the main topic of chapter 1047.

One Piece God Valley Incident Episode

Now don’t worry guys, not like chapter 1046 with a chapter title. Rizal the chapter is going to be scarier, but it’s a little bit more interesting. But I still think that the last chapter was amazing. I enjoyed it thoroughly because we did get some other stuff in there. But I want to say this.

The second thing I want to talk about is Kaido. I think the perfect way to get Kyle’s flashback is by using monoski’s deliverability because we all know Kyle’s flashback revolves around Big Mom giving that delve ability at God Valley and Roxy’s Zebec fell at God Valley. There’s a theory that Kyle’s Delphibility is actually Roxy’s Zebec. Regardless of what you think. I do want to say this.

It’s a monumental flashback. It needs to be told God Valley. It needs to be told that Kanye. We got a huge flashback in Kazuki Odor versus Kaido, Kazuki owner of the Wiper Pirates. Kazuki owner of the Roger Pirates.

Where Is God Valley One Piece

It’s going to be the icing flashbacks seeing of course seeing a situation of Kaido and his upbringing as the apprentice on the Rock Spire. So flashback I’ve been talking about in most of my prediction videos, but this is a guaranteed second thing I have to talk about is the Kyle flashback. But away we can tie in all this is pretty much how we started off. This arc has been giving as I said, many crazy vibes of you. Think about it, the reverie we saw Big Momma Cyto and she’s like Yo, Yoe me a death.

Of course, we have to talk about right before the Roof piece. She’s like Yo, don’t forget I gave you that Belfast ability pretty much after Rocks Bell. She’s always mentioning how much she gave this dolphin ability to Kyle. Big mom pretty much saw something in Kyle because she always said even after Big Mom felt the flashback. Big moms like Yo, I’m going to become the King of the season.

Don’t worry, don’t get the rocks. Like pretty much upbringing Kyle Kaido cried when Big Mom got defeated. Their relationship is definitely deeper than everyone thinks. But I definitely feel like there are important plot points that still need to be of course. How do I say this look-through?

Also a big character is Monkey Duffy. You guys all see the thumbnail. I think Luffy’s ties to God Valley are insane guys because you have to understand Luffy has recently had one of the greatest reveals of all time. I’ve seen an anime manga. I’ve seen a lot of anime manga guys.

The fact that he was revealed to have of course the same dolphin, but he’s revealed to be Joy Boy but also having the mythical zombies they’ve been trying to get for 800 since the voice century mythical zone Sanga Nika. That’s what they know it as. That del fruit ability. Like the fact that he didn’t have the gum WAMA me. The fact that he revealed a year fifth and also an awakening at the same time.

Luffy had so many reviews in that one span of moments when it comes to a couple of chapters, 10 43, 10 44, 10 45, 10 46. Now he’s holding the lightning and attacking Cairo. There’s so much I think Luffy is connected to God Valley were Legends of his grandfather, how he became the hero, the pirate King, who of course Louis trying to get that title. There are so many things that have to be touched upon and Luffy’s importance is also big when it comes to God Valley. So yeah, you guys are probably thinking what’s my prediction on chapter 1047, guys, we probably think what is my prediction?

The first thing Monoski is going to be based on is this chapter. As I said, I think we’re getting to a Kyle flashback and he might the day he found out he ain’t Joy Boy. That’s the biggest thing. When Kylo defeated Luffy, he said you ain’t Joyboy either boy. As he said, you ain’t Joy boy.

And now Luffy is Joy Boy. We see Zunichi should ask him about the rhythm of the drums and whatnot. So I personally believe that one big thing we have to see is Kyle because King was like, do you actually think I’m going to be Joy’s voice? And King’s like, yeah, Legends of Legends but just change the world. I believe you have the power to change the world.

You see how King’s vibe changes at that moment when King was on Punk Hazard? He’s like, Yo, he actually believes in Kyle being Joy Boy. Then King and Kyle just chilled and laid back when he got a little bit older. King’s like the legend is a legend. Who cares?

It’s like King knew that Kyle was enjoyed, boy. And then we see Kyle and Juano saying you ain’t Joy Boy either. Saying in the sense that Kyle now knows that he is enjoyable. What’s the biggest thing Kyle saying to Luffy now? Who are you? He’s saying who are you? Because he’s tripping like Kyle knows some big ancient void century stuff. Even we don’t even know Kyle’s actual race. People think he’s a human. He could be actually a significant race.

At the end of the day, when it comes to Kaito and the ties to Yamato, who’s trying to be old and there are so many different ties in Wano Sangoku said the best. That kind of Wano is such a great arc when it comes to how important it is. That’s why it’s my favorite arc in the one piece. But that’s my prediction for the chapter. I think we’re going to lead into some very major plot points in the next chapter.

That’s my prediction, guys. But please turn on notification, guys. Please turn on the notification. I’m dropping another content in a couple of hours. Please turn on the notification. Trying to get 1000 shares for the content, guys. And that’s my thoughts. Like it’s only if you enjoy and subscribe for more one-piece content. I’m the legend, Mac and I’m gone.

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