One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers Reddit: Release Date, Time Schedule

One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers Reddit Release Date and Time Schedule revealed one of essentially the most anticipated and most awaited manga sequence one-piece has just lately launched chapter 1045. In the content, Yes you are learning it proper that one piece chapter 1045 has been launched on the 25th of March 2022.

Several folks have been loved it. Whereas some are trying to find some particulars in regards to the manga sequence after watching the most recent chapter. Now the followers are enthusiastic about watching the subsequent chapter of the manga. One piece of manga sequence made a huge effect on the readers. Currently, the followers have been searching for particulars about chapter 1045 and additionally its subsequent chapter 1046.

One Piece Chapter 1046

All right so the 1045 spoiler leaks continue but this time we are going to be talking about some dangerous leaks. This kind of leak should not be out there because it has serious repercussions. So usually when we discuss the spoiler leaks on a nearly weekly basis at this point as far as. I know they are obtained by some brave soul who is working at like a hobby shop in either South Korea or Japan and they are simply going into the inventory weekly. Shonen jumps magazines that they get a week early and then leaks that information to individuals online and then somehow read on and his contemporaries obtain this information from them and then provide it to us in text form, and then sometimes maybe one or two panels, usually like redraw. However, this time it’s very different and not in a good way.

And Read on himself actually put out a statement on this saying, I have deleted all of the leaked images. Let no one else publish them, please, The reason is very simple. They are images of official Raws. In this case, the Editors of the chapters for Manga Plus, and have been leaked illegally. We don’t want there to be problems with the publishing company, so better not to post them on the forum.

one piece chapter 1046 spoilers Reddit

one piece chapter 1046 spoilers Reddit: This time, they are not photos or scans of the magazine. They are something much more serious. I don’t know who was the abnormal one who leaked them, but between this and last week, in the end, the publishing company is going to end up taking action and they’re going to screw us all. So just avoid putting any link to the scans before the usual Raw is dropped to avoid this hot mess. And in a perfect world, this would have stopped there and the spread would have been mitigated.

But unfortunately, we know that the Internet doesn’t work that way. And these leaked panels are all over Twitter at the moment. And I do appreciate some of you on Twitter telling the people posting these to take them down because of what Rita is saying here. But as we know, they’re not going to take them down. They’re going to keep those tweets up until the publishing company takes action.

But even then, they can only do so much. It’s extremely difficult to completely scrub something from the Internet unless you’re like the government or something. So I want to talk about these leaked panels, at least obviously not going to show them. And also keep in mind that they’re like blurry and not the best resolution. It’s kind of difficult to make out exactly what’s going on in them, but we have somewhat of a good idea.

one piece manga

one piece manga: So as we talked about in yesterday’s spoilers, it said Luffy uses a new attack called Gumagomanogi Gone, turning his entire body into a giant. He looks like a God. And yes, we are seeing this, but interestingly enough, he’s kind of in a similar pose to that picture I posted of Luke from that Filler episode and there is even kind of more parallels to that filler. So let me just explain real fast. The original time that we see Luffy become a giant like in this picture is from the Zambition Filler arc which was from the anime episodes 575 578.

And there’s like this Filler character who was born a giant, but then she ate like a fruit that gave her Antman like abilities so she can become small and she asks Usopp to fire her inside of the villain’s mouth so that she can Antman Thanos him but through the mouth and not the other way, but instead she winds up going inside of Luffy’s mouth and then eventually they coerce into her expanding herself inside of Luffy to make him a giant. But at first, he becomes bulbous because like I said Interestingly, not only do we see Luffy become like a giant in this chapter, but he also gets big and busy too. And this is nothing new with Louis. He’s done that many times in the series and I’m not exactly sure why he’s doing it in this chapter, but let me run you down this sequence and maybe explain why he does what he does. So at some point in this chapter, Luffy grabs Kaido who is still in his Dragon form, and starts using him as a jump rope like quite literally remember we’re in goofy Tuny Luffy mode at this point so nothing’s really off the table.

one piece chapter 1045 release date and time
Image: From Youtube ScreenShot

And as he’s like skipping rope with Guido here Guido fires off a bowl of breath as he’s being held and it appears that Luffy is either tanking this or he’s avoiding it. But then I think after this sequence Luffy either takes an air like how he typically does when he becomes rotund or he’s like eating one of Kaito’s follow-up bowl of breaths and then I think he’s going inside of Cairo’s body like through the mouth inside of him and then expanding himself. So we see like Dragon Kaido, but then he just has this pregnant stomach with Luffy in there or something. But then I think he’s like coming out of Caitlin’s mouth but then shooting through the roof of owning Nagashima possibly. And once he does this we see Law Kid, Chopper, Nami, and Hama witnessing this and they have the tuning eyes popping out too.

And then once Luffy hits the ground we come to what the spoilers were talking about yesterday Luffy runs out of energy but he gets his heart to pump blood thanks to the drum heartbeat and recovers. So when he runs out of energy we see a sequential panel of his hair coming down and losing color like going back to black until he eventually comes to his base form. But then he gets like this old saggy form afterward. So yeah, this is really taking a toll on him. Even more so than what we saw with year four.

I mean go figure. And Kaido is right in front of him in this sequence in his hybrid form, but he’s more so like in a talking stance or like he’s discussing something with him here. And then I think in the follow-up sequence to this title is going to attack him. But then I guess this is where Luffy regains his power and then like leaps off of the ground. But as Kaido hits the ground it became rubber because of Luffy’s abilities.

And while Luffy is bouncing off of the ground he becomes thickened and wide. It’s hard to explain like he’s been stretched out or something, but he’s also spinning. And I think this is taking us into the final sequence of the chapter because as he’s spinning he builds up more and more momentum until he becomes like a tornado. But it’s like a tornado of the like fist. And one of these fists eventually gets to Kaido.

And what happens here is really up for interpretation because in the spoilers yesterday it said at the end of the chapter, Lucy punches Kaito’s face very hard and that’s certainly true, but in these panels, it looks like he’s going through his face like death style caving through his skull and coming out the other end. And we even see Yamato and Moon Oscar reacting to this like oh my God, did he just kill Kaio? But I guess he’s not dead because we do see the final panel here where I guess it’s lining up with spoilers yesterday where Luffy is saying this is fun, right Kaido? So I guess that means that Luffy didn’t kill him, or at least Luffy is aware that he did it because why would he be saying that if he just killed him? So I guess this is another aspect of Luffy’s awakened abilities.

He can make the real fists possibly or something. Maybe this could go into the true nature of the natural property of rubber, which we’re talking about yesterday with how Uteron said that it’s like latex coming from the bonnet tree or whatever. This is also really similar to what Oven was doing to WADA Tsumi, like how his heat torpedo things went through him, but they weren’t actually physically piercing him. So it could be something like that. But if you see this for yourself, you’re pretty much going to come to the same conclusion that it looks like Luffy is punching through Kaito’s skull.

one piece chapter 1045 release date and time

So I guess this just comes down to another possibly nuanced ability of his awakening here. Or it could be like super-advanced conqueror hockey or something because there is conquer hockey lightning coming off of this attack as if he’s making contact with Kaido. So maybe this is like advanced conquerors or something because you know how an advanced army aka Rio works by projecting the force. And that was also the method that he was going to use to defeat Kyle going beneath the surface so this could be the next next level of that where it’s like an ethereal punch thing that goes through you ghost style or something or it’s just more Goofy Mika ability stuff.

One piece 1046 release date

In the Next, We are going to offer you all particulars about one piece chapter 1045, and the upcoming chapter current. One-piece has turned into one of the most widespread manga sequences in Japan. It was initially printed on the 22nd of July 1997. It considers one of the fame and Japanese manga sequence which has been learned by many individuals the sequence. The sequence gained such a common reputation in only a few chapters that it has been expanded so as to add a second chapter. Chapter 1044 has been made to look formally and the number of chapters in one piece. Chapter 1044 has been televised already on the anime community piece chapter 1046 release date is the 4th of April 2022.


Also now that I’m thinking about it this could have the same kind of properties that laws awakening does how it was like going through big mom but not like litter early puncturing her but yeah either way pretty wild stuff here let me know what you think about this in the comments and if you like to be you guys please give it share if you haven’t already had a great day I’ll see you in the next one.

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