One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers Leaked: Gear 5 Giant Luffy

Finally, guys, the One Piece, Chapter 1045 spoilers have officially dropped. I’ve been waiting all day for the spoilers, guys, and I’ll keep it real with you guys. It was actually later than I expected last week. The spoiler came out a little bit earlier. And I’ll be honest with you guys, the hype is real when it comes to these spoilers.

But I got a huge content based on the spoilers. And if you guys drop 1000 likes for the spoiler videos, I will drop this video. And it’s actually crazy. It could actually reveal what’s going to be happening after winter. So I just want to say get this video to 1000 likes.

But these spoilers are very good and I hope you guys enjoy them because personally, as a fan of One Piece, this made me go crazy. It actually got me maybe at the same level of hype as 143, 144 because the possibilities are endless. Now the beginning of the chapter, the title of the chapter is called Next Level. That’s already giving me goosebumps because that’s pretty much saying that Luffy is about to reach the next level. I said it already.

Luffy is right now top five in one-piece stories. When it comes to power scaling, it’s crazy because when I first did power scaling, I always had Luffy in like the top 30, top 20 areas. To finally see Luffy in the top five, gives me someone’s joy shout out to Joy boy. And of course, the color spread. The color spread.

This chapter has the letter C of Liberation with the straw hats crews sitting together. That is Hype. C of liberation, guys. Worry of Liberation is our captain. Oh, my gosh, I don’t know what it is.

One-piece, every single spoiler so far has been making me happy. I’m not naturally a happy guy. It’s just making me happy. These last couple of chapters, all these years, I’ve been making videos on behalf. Seven years.

This is the happiest I’ve ever been. And it’s when Joy Blair returns. So crazy how old I could do this. Now before we can make sure you guys turn on notification because I got some huge content based on these folders coming out, 1000 likes, like I said. But of course, subscribe to the web page.

One Piece Chapter 1045 release date and time

Chapter Name One Piece
Genre Adventure, fantasy
Initial Release Date July 22, 1997
One Piece Chapter 1045 Release Date 01 April 2022
NOD 10 days
No of Chapters 1045

We’re so close to 100K mail submitted. And don’t forget to actually hit that Bell and turn notification. That’s the biggest important thing when it comes to helping out a website. And I’ve been really appreciated the growth that you guys have been helping me in 2022, I promise I won’t take another break. So the first spoiler says that the whole chapter is about Luffy versus Kaido.

Now, as fans, we have to be happy because you know what that means. It’s going to be a visual, very appealing chapter. Even says the battle is very funny. It’s very funny. A very comedic battle, and you will enjoy that’s what the spoiler said.

The spoiler said you will enjoy a lot reading it. I mean actually reading the chapter more than the spoilers or the detailed summary. So as a fan of the story, the fact that the chapter is visually very appealing. I love it, guys. I love it.

One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoiler

I’m a big fan of the appealing chapters so that’s all I can say. I love to read spoilers and then read the chapter and I actually have more enjoyment and this is one of those chapters so the hype isn’t real. Now the next border talks about Kaido and Kyo finally starts speaking about Luffy’s abilities. Kyoto comments on how unusual monkey Luffy’s Delta ability is. He says you’re able to turn the environment into rubber.

Of course, that’s awakening right there like a parameter but also can transform like a Zoom user title is thinking how can you transform like me? But also do paramecia awakenings like category like dolphimengo. He’s so confused about what’s going on. What kind of beauty is this? What Kat doesn’t know.

This is the mythical zone Hirohito KnowMe human type like that human fruit nica model type Nika. So if you want to say Kyle doesn’t know it’s, the half of it literally doesn’t know the half of it. Guys. When it comes to Lucie’s powers abilities, he’s even questioning them. He was already questioning before a snake man, but now he’s questioning again.

One piece 1045 spoilers on Twitter

I love how Kaido of all people is the main person questioning Luffy’s abilities. When Luffy has reached the next level, that’s where that character is going to question Luffy’s abilities. And Kyle is the perfect character as the strongest creature alive and he’s been doing it. He’s been commenting on Luffy’s abilities since chapter 1000 and early on he won Luffy on his crew when Louis was his vice-captain Yannick level. Now Luffy is actually Yonker level and he’s just commenting like what the hell is going on with this guy’s abilities.

Now Luffy uses a new attack and in my prediction content, I said that I believe Luffy would actually use a new attack and named attack and he finally does a named attack in chapter 1045. It’s called Gomu domino Giganto. Guys, when we saw gear third, when we saw gear third in any lobby we all thought of one thing, will Luffy ever turn into a giant? Then we saw that filler at the post time scale when Luffy actually turned into a giant because of that character filler character’s abilities. Now we’re seeing Luffy turn his entire body into a giant.

The spoiler literally said that they thought Luffy looked like, in their opinion a God. That is crazy statement guys. Luffy’s new attack is called Gomu go mono Giganto. Luffy is literally ginormous. This is why you see the thumbnail says huge spoilers.

It’s insane. Now we have moon Oscar and Yamato actually go all the way to the rooftop to enjoy the roof piece and see Luffy’s new form and they’re just in complete shock and awe seeing Romanowski in his mythical zone form. And Yamato, the son of Cairo, just shocking awe and seeing Monkey D, Luffy, Joy Boy, who they just had a discussion with Denisha about in this giant form. Like, Joy Boy has returned. I’m just like Joy Boy.

They go to the rooftop now they see a giant and Luffy. Oh, man, oh, man. The hype is real. And I usually say that a lot of times my catchphrase, the hype is real. I actually mean it, guys.

The hype is actually real. Now, something interesting happens in the spoilers. Luffy runs out of energy. Yeah, Luffy runs out of energy, but he gets this drum heartbeat back and he recovers him. Like, For the fact that Luffy is down, he’s out of energy.

And then you hear a drum and his heartbeat comes back and it kind of pumps blood back into his heart and he recovers. It made me think about gear second, how Lucas pumps blood to get him faster. It made me think about the liberation, the worry. Liberation. The drums, Skype Zunicha, the lore, the void century.

Luffy is literally showing us that he is historically powerful. It’s the most ridiculous power in the world. And we’re seeing it when he’s bringing himself back to life like an elder on Skype here. Oh, my gosh. Now, the final spot is at the end of the chapter.

Luffy punches. I say conscious, conscious guy. I know that’s what he’s saying. I’m saying conscious instead of punches. But Luffy punches Kaido, the strongest creature of lies, face very hard.

That’s the last spoiler. And Luffy says one thing. Does he say this is fun, right, Kyle? This is fun, right? The man is having fun going because the strongest creature alive, Kyle, just killed one of CBD’s top agents and he just went crazy.

And defeating Redsk advertising and doing some amazing stuff, like Zoro literally is seeing the Grim Reaper after taking a task from Kyoto. And Big Mom, the Thunderboard, I got live and got hit by that. Like, Luffy’s got the feedback on how many times Kyle declared the winner and this guy’s like, this is fun, right, Kyle? The hype is real. Now, the spoilers did say that there might not be detailed spoilers, but if you guys want detailed spoiler content, if it does come out, if this video gets 2000 likes, I’ll drop a detailed spoiler content.

I did it last week as a special occasion. But if you do 2000 Likes, I’ll do it. So I know what you guys are probably thinking. You just talked about these spoilers and you really care about just leaving us like that. No, guys.

I’ll actually give you guys a genuine discussion on the one-piece spoilers. First things first. Luffy as a giant. That’s the number one thing I’m thinking about. Elbow.

I’m thinking about how Luffy is going to meet the Prince of El Bath. Big mom said if she got the elbow to ride with her if the elbows were riding out with big mom she would be the King. No one would touch her. That would literally put her above the other Yonkers. That’s how she actually genuinely believes that.

So Luffy being a giant form I think he’s going to go against the King of the elbow, the Prince of the elbow. He’s going to fight the strongest El bath character. This is hyping of elbows. The second thing I’m thinking is about Usopp Usopp and Luffy and elbow. It’s going to be fun because of Dorian’s braggy story in the little garden.

Like I’m telling you guys right now and I want to see Dorian braggy come back to the story. So seeing Luffy in the giant form it just gave me hype at the end of the elbow might be the most hyped thing ever because we know there’s a huge tree in the elbow and the elbow is also very historic too. Just like Juano. And then, of course, as I said, guys, when it comes to this chapter it’s a battle chapter so I’m hypocritical of the actual top tiers Kyoto Luffy top five characters in one piece or throw hands. I’m just generally hyped to see Luffy and Kyle at their best throw hands.

Now I don’t know if we’re going to see Kyle go full power in the next chapter but in the next two chapters, I believe is where we’re going to see the really the meat of Luther verskido in the finale of this great war this great battle that was on Wanda, this historic war that’s going to change the one-piece story forever. But like I said turn notification the hype is real. One piece is on fire, guys. I love when you guys comment that’s what my thoughts like and share if you enjoy like and share enjoys scraping one piece of content I’m the legend Mac and I’m gone.

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