Luffy’s Strongest! Attack Ever Revealed: One Piece Chapter 1047

All right, so we got the 1047 spoilers and the weight is worth it because this chapter is super hyped, just as the others have been. But before we get into them, let me give you a recap on what happened in the previous chapter because we are coming off of a break, and coming to the end of the chapter, we see Momanosuke and Yamato basically establishing that Momonosuke is going to have to keep on Yoshima afloat with his own flame cloud because this whole time it’s been Kaido’s flame clouds that have been holding up on Yashima, but due to the beat down that he’s receiving from Luffy, they’re weakening. This is where Monos gave big significance coming back into play, and I assume that this is going to be the lingering plot line going forward. Then in the final panel of the chapter, we see Luffy literally grab lightning which he’s going to use as a weapon against Kaido. And that brings us to Chapter 1047, which is called the Capital Sky.

In the color spread, the straw hats are on the beach with Dragon Momo. That means, unfortunately, we’re not getting a cover story because we’re getting this cover spread. And I say, unfortunately, because in the previous chapters’ cover story we saw two people show up to the Whole Cake Island or two silhouetted individuals and it said two intruders in Pudding’s Home Chocolate Town. And this is exciting because we don’t know who they are. And it’s led to a lot of speculation like is this finally the Black Beer Pirates making their move?

Or is it crocodile and Das’s bones or is it more German? We have no idea. And I guess we’re going to have to wait another two weeks to find out because next week all of Jump is on break. It’s not just the not a break. We get a flashback of Odin’s burning Castle when Momo decided to travel to the future.

Luffy uses gaming on one of Thunder. Okay, so this goes back to what I said happened in the final panel of the previous chapter. Luffy going shirt up, Zeus on Kaido. And no surprise here by the name of this move, but I’m sure this is going to be incredible. Kaido is a tanky beast anyway, so I’m sure this will only do so much.

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I’m like Buggy and Roger’s crew at this point, so could you please at least get me up to like sunbelt level? Thanks, guys. Tito confirms Roger wasn’t a devil fruit user. He also says that abilities are not necessary to dominate the world. And I guess we always kind of knew this, right?

At least when we saw flashbacks of Roger fighting, it didn’t seem like he had any kind of fruit, right? He was kind of just using hockey, especially like the advanced variant of Conquerors where you can use the lightning power aspect of it. I think it makes sense that Roger wouldn’t have eaten a fruit because he’s like one of the most through and through Pirates in the series. So like the other characters who haven’t eaten fruits, I’m sure his reasoning was like why would I lose the ability to swim? Seems like a pretty crucial aspect of being a pirate.

And I guess it goes further into what Kaido is saying about abilities are not necessary to dominate the world, but I’m sure there’s also a deeper meaning to what Kaido is saying too. I mean, we’re not getting all the dialogue here, but also Eboo, in my opinion, at least use the ancient weapon Uranus, which is very likely to be the moon that you alter the water as well. That’s why, like the grand line is a thing and everything is segregated to the Blues. So that could also be what Kaido is hinting at here. You don’t need super powerful devil fruits, but if you have the ancient weapons or something like that along with crazy hockey, then you can dominate the world.

This also makes sense because that’s one of the main things that the Yonkers and the other pirate King hungry Pirates won. Burning Orochi loses sea Stone nail and transforms. Are you kidding me, bro? Just die. This is like what the third or fourth false death this guy has had?

So going back to chapter 1044, Rocci was trapped in his own room in the burning onikashima, and we saw that here was there with him and that she had also put sea Stone nails on him to stop him from activating his fruit, which is like the only thing that he really has going for him. And then randomly out of nowhere, like a lingering little Sprite of Kondero’s cousin Bo Think came up and kind of kamikaze itself into Aochi, setting him on fire. And we assumed that that was it for him, right? I mean, that would have been a nice little compromise so that Yori wouldn’t have to kill a dude, and Romanowski wouldn’t have to kill a dude either. And he’s kind of foiled by his own scheme.

But no, he’s back again and the nails are out because I guess Fire took care of them. I don’t know. And he’s transforming into his Yamata mode, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what’s going to happen with them now are like this lingering scabbard going to take care of him because they already kind of had their moment with him. Or is it going to be Mominozuke? I don’t know.

Is he going to kill him because he still has to hold upon I guess ima? Is this where Denjuro comes back? Where is even Denjiro? Pretty sure he’s been pseudo-dead like the rest of them after his fight with Kaido, right? I don’t know.

There are just so many candidates who could take out Orochi at this point. Maybe he doesn’t even die. Maybe he just winds up getting arrested or whatever and then they throw him in the slammer. I don’t know. In my opinion, it just kind of seems unnecessary at this point. Luffy creates a massive punch that’s bigger than Inigo Shima’s Castle to attack Kaido. Whoa. Okay. So Onigashima as we can see is very big. So this has got to be Luffy’s greatest feat in the series at this point, right?

And by far his most powerful attack. I mean his King Kong gun was pretty substantial but this is like 100 times bigger than that or something. And also it makes you think is this the moment where he defeats Kaido? I mean I’m sure Kaido could take this. I’m sure he could take anything because he’s taken everything at this point but this is on a whole different level.

But if he doesn’t defeat Kyo with this then it might go back to Kyo catching on fire or something like we speculated about previously before Gear Five was revealed because we thought at that point Luffy’s form was more resin-based than rubber and that resin being flammable could have caused Kaito’s death so that it would be similar to how Odin died and that still could happen. But man these onigo shima sides punch which seems way grander than that and this will certainly make an incredible anime sequence. I mean if everything else hasn’t already but also as I mentioned before we still don’t know if Kaido has awakened his fruit or not. I mean we got to assume if anybody has it’s him but he hasn’t really said anything yet. So is there going to be another level to Kaido where he’s like I was actually still holding back this whole time Lucy and here’s my awake?

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