GIGANTIC SPOILERS! One Piece Chapter 1047 Spoilers

Welcome back, y’all. The One Piece Chapter 1047 spoilers. We don’t have a whole lot to go off of this week, but we do have spoilers nonetheless, so let’s just get right into it. First up, we have the color page spread. We are not continuing the color repaid story from last week where we were left with two very ambiguous shadows.

Is it the Black Beard Pirates? Is it crocodiles and dogs? Is it Tashigi and Smoker? Who knows? We are not finding out this week, so after that, we get a flashback of Odin in the burning Castle when Momo decided to travel to the future.

Not the most interesting plotline from what is going on right now, but we get it nonetheless, and I’m sure ODA will add some juicy details into that too. I feel like the reason why momentous is getting this flashback right now is that it could be ODA setting him up to play some sort of role in Kaido’s downfall in the next couple of chapters. Or it could be hyping them up to lift Onika shima off of the ground when it’s about to fall under wino Kuni. Next up, it says Lupi uses Gum Umno, Thunder, not the most intuitive name. We were wondering what he would go with.

Would he continue the Gumbo Gomu name Set series? Or would he go with the Nikon Nika or Hiitohito? Or might just stop naming the tax altogether? It turns out he goes with Gum and Gum and no Thunder and it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, right? I almost feel like he’ll rename it later down the line when he knows what Devil Fruit he does have.

But right now that’s what we’re getting and it doesn’t say whether or not it lands. But we can assume that it does hit Kaido because after that title starts reminiscing on Roger, it says that Kaido confirms Roger wasn’t a Devil Fruit user. He also says that abilities are not necessary to dominate the world. I absolutely love the fact that Kaido has confirmed to us once and for all that Roger does not have any special abilities. It’s kind of funny because even though Kairo didn’t mention this beforehand, the fan base kind of like had this theory that Roger never had a Devil Fruit.

He was just Aba. He dominated the new world and all the Pirates before him with pure hockey and strength alone. And it’s crazy to think about right? He was fighting Whitebeard, who had to go to go to Nomi. He fought Rocks, who potentially had some crazy Devil Fruit as well.

He fought so many difficult opponents to become Pirate King, and he did not have a Devil Fruit. And you have to imagine he must have run into some Devil Fruit lying around during his journey, but he chose not to hate it. He saw Devil Fruits and said, hey, that ain’t for me. I’m really curious to see what the Roger flashback will look like. And to see maybe if he has a deeper ideology as to why he doesn’t want or doesn’t need a devil fruit.

I wonder if he discovered a new layer to hockey, something we haven’t seen before, which I know sounds really crazy because we were just introduced to a future site to Rio to COC coding. I wonder if there’s a step above all of that that Roger has unlocked because even during that brief flashback against White Beard, he was unleashing mad amounts of hockey and the man wasn’t even serious during that exchange. So I’m wondering what will hockey look like in the future for Luffy? And next up we have burning Orochi loses the sea stone nail and transforms. This guy cannot die.

He has more lives than an actual freaking cat. I cannot believe it. In the last chapter, I guessed that maybe when Jim Bay was shooting the water down through the levels of Odigoshima that the water will put up the fire on Orochi. But that’s not even the case. The fire itself is what loosened the sea stone nail, which is ridiculous to think about.

And then the guy transforms and now somebody else has to defeat him. And it’s crazy because, in my opinion, he had the perfect death for Hiouri. That is symbolic. It was full circle. It was so conclusive. He does not have to come back. He was burned by the Kurozumi curse set by Kanjito at the very end because of the twisted words and orders he gave him. It was the perfect ending. But now the man is up and he’s back at it. Who will take him down now?

Personally, I’m going to go all the way back to what I was first guessing when we got to Onagashima and I’m going to say maybe Usopp takes him down because Usopp really hasn’t had time to shine yet. Yes he saved Kinema, yes he saved Uku but he needs to have some sort of battle feed. A lot of people are saying Denjiro would come in and finish the deed but Denjiro does not care about Orochi and the reason I say this is because the last we saw of Denguedo was him and the other scabbards cutting off Orochi’s heads. And then guess what the dude left. The dude left the room along with all the other scabbards.

They did not want to pay any time or attention to Roche. So why would Danjiro come back and finish the job afterward? If he really wanted to kill him he would have killed him then and there and made sure of it. So Denjudo coming back and finishing him off doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. I feel like this is maybe set up for another character to take the spotlight, namely Usopp in my opinion.

But all in all, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that this man is still alive. We’ve seen fake-out deaths before but we have not seen fake-out deaths three times in a row. It’s probably two times in a row, but three times sounds a lot better. Final point here. It says Luffy creates a massive punch that’s bigger than On Kashima’s Castle to attack Kaito.

Luffy had no trouble landing a good hit on Kaido because even though Loopy spits are small and Kaido is really big, Loopy had the speed advantage to hit him down. Now Lupi made his fists the size of OngoShima so that no matter where Kaido dodges, Luffy is going to hit him. The real question is once this attack hits Kaido, where will he end up? Because if Kaido takes this blow face on which here’s the thing. We don’t know if Kaido has something prepared against it or maybe if he’ll even just tank it all together.

But if Kaido takes this and he cannot defend from it, Kaido will be blasted off like Team Rocket. Maybe he’ll end up on one of the world government ships that are off the coast of Juno. Also, I almost forgot to mention, but the title of the chapter is called The Capital’s Sky. Because if you were sitting in Wakuni and if you looked up, all you could see is Luffy’s giant fist blocking out the moon and the sun because it’s just that big. Like if you really look at how big Kagoshima is, that is a massive attack, and the prophecy that Tokyo mentioned with the dusk and the dawn rising and all that stuff, I’m wondering if that’s sole because Lopez’s fist is blocking everything out.

And once his fist moves and attacks Kaido, the sun will shine again or the sun could just rise after Kyo loses either one. But Alas, thank you guys so much for joining me on this really short video. I know it’s short, but there’s not a lot to talk about this time around. There are not a lot of spoilers and I’m sure more will drop from now until when the chapter releases. Oh yeah, one more thing, but there is going to be a break next week.

Very unfortunate. Two breaks back to freaking back and I swear I swear the next chapter is going to be the Kaido flashback. They already started hyping it up by Kaido remembering Roger. So I feel like the next chapter has to be the flashback that we have been waiting for and we will finally discover who those two mysterious figures are in that cover page story. So yeah, thank you guys so much for watching.

And please let me know down below, what do you think about Lupe’s final attack? Do you think this fist the size of ongoing Shima will be what takes Kaito down or not, do you think he will tank it and the fight will continue? Also, let me know your thoughts on Aroche and what might happen with him. Are you happy this man is still alive or not, he should have died 50 chapters ago? With that being said, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys on the official chapter and peace out.

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