All Named IO Outposts In Fortnite

All Named IO Outposts in Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale week 3 challenges have dropped, and searching chests and ammo boxes are a big part of this week’s expectations. This task will be one that will need players to have some loot on hand before attempting it, as there will be a lot of Fortnite‘s IO guards present at these points of interest. Additionally, having members of the loop interact with areas of the map with v bucks generator enemies present will always result in some HP being lost, so players should also shield up beforehand.

Some of these outposts are more looted up than others, so players may have to visit multiple before this quest is completed, but it is good that they can achieve this quest over a span of games. It’s essential for players to look for ammo boxes within the outposts, as most of them only contain one chest. The ammo boxes spawn more frequently than chests, as none are guaranteed, so those v bucks generator will most likely bring the count up for completing the challenge.

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Completing this week 3 Fortnite quest is pretty straightforward. It will be contesting players who will make it hard, alongside the uninvited appearance of the Fortnite Battle Bus. Upon completion, Fortnite will reward players a fantastic reward of 20 thousand XP, a big chunk towards leveling up. A total of three chests or ammo boxes will have to be opened, and after that, the quest will be marked as completed.

All Named IO Outposts In Fortnite

Fortnite IO Outposts
  • Outpost Omega: East of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Outpost Ryder: Southeast of Greasy Grove
  • Outpost Epsilon: West of The Sanctuary
  • Outpost Raven: South of The Sanctuary
  • Outpost Dash: North of The Daily Bugle

There are also a few smaller outposts that are not named, but opening chests there will also count towards the challenge. Players should also be on the lookout for IO chests in Fortnite within the outposts as they also count sometimes; they can be harder gta 5 mobile to spot as their dark color tends to blend in with the background. As this is a newer challenge, players may expect these areas to be particularly crowded if landing there, as other players will also be looking to complete the challenge.

Players may start to speculate that there may be an in-game event where Fortnite‘s IO airships may begin to crash towards the ground. However, as time goes on within the Fortnite Battle Royale map, we can see that the separated areas once equally divided by red and blue lines are slowly being dominated by The Seven. This is a strong indication that there may be an in-game battle event featuring Dr. Slone and The Seven.