4 Point System Knit Fabric Inspection Formula In Garments Industry

4 point system knit fabric inspection formula is a standard method that is widely used in the Textile and Apparel Industries, and the garments industry.

Standard Operating Procedure

Title:  SOP for Fabric Inspection Procedure

Reference: QA-FIP-0

Custodian: Technical Corn • fiancé I Total Pa • e # 02

Effective Date: 02-01-2018 I

Revision: 02 Reviewed on 16-01-2021

Next revision Date: When Applicable

SOP for Fabric Inspection Procedure

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The main purpose of this inspection is to assure the quality of the received fabric and lace before sending it to the cutting section.


  • Collect packing list from the warehouse, and approved swatch from Merchandising department.
  • Randomly select fabric rolls to order, article and color-wise, and lot/ batch-wise.
  • Conduct fabric inspection with a 4 point system.
  • Conduct inspection initial 10%. If fail we conduct another 20%, if another failure we conduct 100%. QC Manager and Merchandiser will make a decision. Fabric sample and inspection report to be sent with supplier for evidence.

4 Point System Penalty Points

4 Point System                              Penalty Points
Length of Defect
0 to 3″                                                        1
3.1″ to 6″                                                   2
6.1″ to 9″                                              3
9.1 ” to above                                           4
4 Point System
4 Point System Penalty Point

4 point system knit fabric inspection formula

Total penalty points X 100 X 36 Square Formula.   = Result (For Fabric Square Yards) Fabric Length (Inspected) X Fabric Width (Inch)

Total penalty points X 100

Linear Formula: ————————————— = Result (For Lace Linear Yards)

Inspected Length

Defect Classification

  • Fabric shading – Side to side & Side to the center of fabric will be checked for shading. During the fabric inspection, any shading is noticeable, the fabric will be checking every 3 yards. If fabric shading found continuously, this will be informed to QC Manager and account merchandiser for decision.
  • Fabric with contamination like dye spots, foreign yarn, dirty marks, etc. will be categorized depends on defect length.
  • Holes are categorized for 4 points.
  • All fabrics and lace must be inspected on the face side for defects.
  • Selvage holes on both sides for more than 1/2″ will be considered as reject.

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